October conferences in Iowa and Washington

September 28, 02016 · Events

I'm giving two presentations in October on moving towards continuous improvement in service work and knowledge work.

Iowa Lean Consortium Fall Conference: October 12 & 13

Cedar Rapids, Iowa—conference site.

Alicia Huguelet and I will present Lean in the office: it's about developing people on both days of the conference (sessions I-C and III-K).

When people aren't in agreement about who their customers are, feel they don't have "capacity" for improvement, or rush to find someone to "hold accountable" for problems, things can get messy. We will leave you with some key points about how to avoid common entanglements that come up when applying lean thinking to service work.

Washington State Lean Transformation Conference: October 18 & 19

Tacoma, Washington—conference site.

Craig Fitzgerald and I will present Lean contains multitudes: where to begin at 1:00pm on the 19th in Room 317.

Lean has many associations for people—not all of them good. Is Lean a buzzword, or a way of life? Is it a tool, a system, or a cult? Lean contains multitudes. Because it is versatile and valuable, Lean has been applied in many industries and has developed a history—which can make its introduction into a new setting difficult. This is particularly true in government, where the language of Lean may not intuitively translate.

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