May 21, 02016

This is a place where I can share material with people, myself included.

What's something you notice?

This is simple.

This is undercooked: witness straight quotes, other typographic shortcuts, and wobbly presentation on certain display types and sizes.1

This is a weird blog. Notes should have URLs. Ideas, doubly so.

What is this about?

Long story short—I've been interested in "lean" and ideas surrounding it, or supporting it, for some time. Over the last few years my consulting activity has lazer beamed in on helping people+organizations figure this stuff out.

I help clients think through questions like:

And I help clients do this. We work. We practice. We go to where the work gets done. We cut off problems at the root cause. We focus on customer value. We ignore organizational garbage that's easy to see and practice looking for things that are actually important.

Now, a super great thing about "lean" is that there is no proprietary knowledge, no certification, no secret gospel. On the one hand, that means there is plenty of material available online or in your library. On the other hand, Sturgeon's Revelation ("ninety percent of everything is crap") applies. Big time.2 On the gripping hand, knowing what something is or means is a bit different than knowing how to do it. I'm a how-to-do-it kind of guy, and that's the part of all this where I had the hardest time getting started.

So: it's time to share some things I've noticed and learned. I hope something you read here is directly helpful to you. Take it. Use it. Improve on it.

This is not a sales pitch

Look buddy if you want to get sold to I can do that. I do do that. Try here or here for starters. But that's not what this is for.

Move from zero to one

Error or omission? Something unclear or flat-out wrong? Please let me know. And that's enough preamble. Let's go improve something today.

  1. There is, regrettably, support for footnotes.

  2. I propose a mutant of Sturgeon's Revelation and Hofstadter's Law
    "Sturgeon & Hofstadter's Revelation/Law: ninety percent of what you read online is crap, even if you take Sturgeon & Hofstadter's Revelation/Law into account and only high grade the good stuff."

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