Podcast guest secret starter kit


If you’re reading this, it’s because you and I are going to podcast together soon.

My goal in this—as in life—is to keep things as simple as possible.

Here’s how this works:

  1. We’ll find an hour to record a conversation.

  2. I will edit the episode. I will trim false starts and topics or idle chatter that don’t go anywhere. My goal in the edit is to make you sound as dialed-in as possible, while also keeping it relaxed and conversational.

  3. After that, I will share a link with you for any edits, cuts, or changes you would like me to make. I’ve had a guest choose to scrap the conversation and re-record a new one. I want you to be comfortable with what we put out there.

  4. Once you’re OK with the edit, I will post the episode at 8AM Pacific time on the Monday following, or maybe a week after if I have an episode in the can. This includes the transcript and the podcast audio.

That’s it!

In case you haven’t done this kind of thing before, don’t worry:

You don’t need to have a topic or even talking points in advance. Totally great if you do, but also not important. We will use the first little bit of our recording session to get our shit straight about the topic and some main points we want to hit. We’ll meet for an hour, record for 30 minutes, and I’ll edit that down to ~15 minutes for the episode.

It all happens in the edit. If you don’t like the way you explain something, just take a moment and explain it again. Both of us will get tongue-tied and say some nonsense. Don’t worry about it. The procedure is the same for podcasting as it is for everything in life: take a deep breath and begin again.

Think about how you want to be introduced. Do you want to be identified by first name or full name? Mention or skip any professional entanglements? Point the listeners to your web site or social media? I’ll ask before we record.

We’ll record your audio almost magically using ZenCastr, which runs in a web browser on your Mac or PC. It doesn’t work in Safari (yet). We will both join ZenCastr at the link I give you. This will let us speak with one another—there’s also video, if we want it. After our conversation is done, ZenCastr will give me the highest possible quality recordings from each of our microphones. I’ll take it from there.

This is a strictly noncommercial activity for us. I do invite podcast listeners and readers of this site to support my work via a direct donation to charity.

See you in the robot!