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Thank you for reading. I hope you find something here that is useful, inspiring, or thought-provoking.

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Two things you should know:

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    I get affiliate money when people shop from my reading list on bookshop.org. (You could be one of those people—you’d be getting a useful book in the mail while supporting an independent bookseller. So don’t be shy.)
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    This site uses Clicky to collect super basic visitor statistics, in a configuration that preserves your privacy. I don’t collect, store, or share personal information with this service. If you sign up to get posts by e-mail, I can see your e-mail address—gotta send stuff to you, after all—but that’s it.

Have topics you want me to cover? Notice anything wrong or out-of-date? Please e-mail me directly: brian@joechip.net.

Thanks again, —Brian

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Web stuff

  • The content management system is Ghost, hosted directly on Ghost.org. I run my other web sites and services on OpalStack, but an important goal for this particular project is to minimize time I spend fussing instead of writing. Ghost.org also handles e-mail newsletter subscriptions and delivery.
  • This site uses Ghost’s default “Casper” theme.
  • The font is Heliotrope, which I love because it is expressively wobbly between the bold and italics and whatever else.
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  • Super minimal and somewhat unobtrusive analytics via Clicky.
  • I write and organize material in Obsidian mostly on an iPad, and sometimes on its up-and-coming accessory, a Mac.