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Hi. I’m Brian Kerr.

Feeling stuck? You’re in the right place. Most of the time things aren’t great. And when things feel great, that experience of greatness is fleeting. We’re stuck in pain-in-the-ass systems that don’t work right. We’re stuck in groups that frustrate rather than inspire. We’re stuck in our own heads.

All we have is this day. Let’s use it: improve something today.

We’ll learn together. Thanks. —Brian

Continuous improvement


Never let a good crisis go to waste: each problem is an opportunity

Better together


Helping people find agreement on what to do next, and why

It’s already here


Getting out of one’s own head is a great joy and a great gift


  • We're still here, and we're still feeling stuck. Or at least I am. I bet you are too. Reading: William Wordsworth's "The Tables Turned" 
  • The world has gone off format and so has this podcast. Discussed: it's time to change and/or die; the weird story of Shantideva, the failed 8th century prince, public servant, and monk; and comforting words from Shantideva's "A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life."

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